Prague Hostels

Mosaic House
Mosaic House in Prague is perhaps not your usual kind of hostel as this is in a rather cool building that is just as equally cool on the inside. More Info

Hostel One Prague
The hostel itself has a total of 8 rooms and they are all a mixture of dorms of varying sizes up to 10 beds although each room is certainly large enough to accommodate so many people and there is no need to worry about things being cramped as that is not the case. More Info

Hostel Boudnik
When it comes to facilities then you are not going to be short changed either. For example, pets are allowed in Hostel Boudnik and you also get free Wi-Fi during your stay. More Info

City Stay Prague Hostel
There is a 24 hour front desk available which does of course mean that staff are there all of the time and they are only too happy to help you in pointing out the best places to check out in Prague during your stay. More Info

Plus Prague Hostel
Guests also get access to free Internet during their stay and even though the rooms are non-smoking there are facilities available for you. More Info